“A Story of Distress” Steam Page Up

The Steam page of “A Story of Distress” is up, and VR users on PC can start to follow or wishlist the game now.

A Story of Distress by Yellow Panda Games is a single player, stealth based adventure title featuring a 2.5+ hours worth of campaign. It tells the tale of you and your brother Rolland, who sets up to become a pair of successful merchants in the big city of Aston, until your brother got killed by some soldiers, forcing you to seek revenge and swear vengeance against anyone who stands in your way. You also gain possession of a strange potion from a weird wizard, and this strange potion grants you magic powers that is said to be able to alter the world around you.

A story was shown when it was announced last week. According to announcement, it will be launching first on HTC Vive on 2nd April 2018, follow by a port to Oculus Rift and PSVR.

If you are interested, head over to the Steam Store now to wishlist it.

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