“Rage Room VR” Update Adds New Minions & Weapons

Lockem Reality‘s Rage Room VR is build around the concept of the real world rage room game, where a person  pays an amount of money to vent his frustration by smashing everything in a room. Using the power of VR, users can have much more selections of weapons, and that they can release their rage on faceless dummies instead.

The game is already available on Steam as early access, featuring 3 different game modes: Free Mode, Story Mode and Frenzy Mode, as well as customization of the dummies with 32 different accessories. Today, the developer announces that an update will be coming on Valentine Day, adding more content to push this title one step closer to full fledged release.

Rage Room VR for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will introduce new minions of various colors, as well as new weapons for all your diabolical intentions. Here’s a sneak peek of the update.

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