Chinese Horror “18 Levels” Coming to Oculus Store in March, PSVR Release, Trailer

Winking Entertainment is set to release a Chinese horror VR title “18 Levels” for the Oculus Rift and Playstation VR. Developed by Aoga Tech, this title is described to trap the players in mythical and terrifying spacial realities.

Combining puzzle-solving elements with room escape survival horror.

An entire floor consisting of an unfamiliar existence, each of the 18 rooms is a different world, with its own history and story: Sealed Room of Phantoms, Train over the Sea of Blood, Forest of Fantasy, City of God, and more.

Follow along as the protagnist Andrea, seeks out her true identity and a conspiracy of unimaginable magnitude.

This title is launching on Oculus Store next month. In addition, the title is also confirmed for Playstation VR, based on the trailer released last month. Unfortunately the PSVR release date, is unknown.

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