PSVR New Release: Pop-Up Pilgrims

Pop-Up Pilgrims is a title that sees release on the PSVR today, and if you haven’t heard of this title, I don’t blame you. This 2D adventure title was only announced a couple of weeks ago. Check out the announcement trailer released earlier this month.

A horde of demons has ransacked the land and stolen Floating Cloud God’s sacred scrolls! Without them, Floating Cloud God is powerless! Guide a gang of faithful followers on a quest to reclaim the scrolls!

Pop-Up Pilgrims features a bunch of interesting characters: a floating cloud god who serves as a guidance for the pilgrims, and of course the pilgrims themselves. There are also several types of pilgrims: Monk, Dancer, Archer and Warrior, each with their own unique characteristics.The primary goal of  primary goal of the pilgrims “is to defeat the six powerful demons who each hold one of Floating Cloud God’s sacred scrolls.”

In addition, this title also features local 2 players co-op, with the second player using the TV to help (or hinder) progress as BORB!

This title from Dakko Dakko Ltd is now available on the PS Store for the PSVR players to purchase and enjoy.