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Steam New Release: Devil and the Fairy

Handy Games has just released Devil and the Fairy up on Steam today as an early access product. This is a classic wave defense game in VR , where you play as the lord of devil rather than someone on the heroic side.

As the lord of devil, you have a fairy who serves as your guide (she will be guiding you through the tutorials and the game mechanics), as well as bunch of ugly goblin monsters who work as your minions. In addition, you have access to various spells and traps to help fend off the human invaders. The key objective here is to defend your dungeon crystal and protect the treasures of the underworld, by exterminating those pesky humans with everything you have got.

Devil and the Fairy feature three dark and grim dungeons , as well as a 3 challenging difficulty modes at the moment, with an estimated 3 hours of standard gameplay. The player can “spend many more hours experiencing the progression system, unlocking new units and upgrading items to be even more effective against intruding raiders.”

The greatest benefit of Early Access is the ability to closely examine what players like about our game – so, we will shift our focus in response to player feedback. This, of course, means that we can’t make definite promises in terms of changes to gameplay or content.

Over the course of the Early Access period, our goal is to increase the number of playable dungeons, expand on the existing war machinery (more props, interactibles and units for both minions and raiders) and in general add to the depth of the game. Again, however, while more content would be great and there are a lot of ideas we are excited about, we can’t promise any additional features. Please buy Devil and the Fairy only if you want to play it in its current state.”

Devil and the Fairy support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Head over to the Steam Page if you wish to see more media or purchase the title.