Steam Page for “Vinnie’s Diary” Up, Coming to HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

The Steam Page for VR puzzle adventure title Vinnie’s Diary is now up and player can now wishlist and follow the title.

Developed by Entangle Games, this title puts the player in the shoes of Edward Shawn, a child psychologist who enters the imaginary world of a special patient by the name of Vinson Gogh.

20 years has pat after the meeting up between Dr Edward Shawn and his patient Vinson Gogh. Edward Shawn recently received some souvenirs and letter from his patient, and these items brings back some memories for him from the treatment process of 2 decades ago. This title depicts his journey into entering and witnessing the magical world of Vinson’s mind.

There are more than 30 levels of innovative puzzles, multiple fantastical worlds which you have to play through to uncover the truth pieces of the story.

The release date of the Steam page indicates that this title will release on 27th February 2018. It seems there was a free “Vinnie’s Diary: Prologue” up for download previously but the download page on Oculus Store has been taken down.

More screenshots of this video game can be found on the Steam Page.

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