Taipei Game Show 2018 Report: “Combine War Toys” by Hayato Works

Hi there, I took a trip recently to Taiwan (a rather nice country in Asia) to attend Taipei Game Show 2018, and had the opportunity to speak with many VR and AR game developers. I will be sharing various articles and information in the coming weeks about the developers and the VR works which they are working on (I need some time to compile the information!)

Combine War Toys is an upcoming virtual reality indie title, that is currently under development by Hayato Works. Originally planned for PSVR, the development of the title has switched its platform to Steam and will be releasing on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift instead.

I was given an opportunity to try out this title over at Taipei Game Show, where the developer showcase the title.

This is a table top defense, strategy title, where the player have to dispatch low poly military vehicles to attack the enemy’s bases and their military forces while defend your headquarter.

Player plays the support role here, and here’s the twist: the player is provided a workspace, and the player will have to spend golds to trade for vehicle part sets. Next, the player will have to assemble the parts together to form a working vehicle. The most unique selling point here, is that these parts are interchange-able across the sets, so you can attach the cannon from the first set, to the vehicle body of the second set. After that, the player will just have to toss them out to the battlefield, and the vehicles will automatically goes to do their job. If you are really bad at landing it upright with the toss, fear no, because the game system will readjust it to compensate for your bad throws.

One nice touch for this is that you can also reach out to the battlefield and grab the unit nearby as a handy gun – the unit will continue to fire as if they are on the battlefield, so you can actually aim the unit at any enemy unit and attack them as if you are holding an automatic firing gun.

Check out the gameplay video of this title below.

The assembly mechanic is fairly straight forward: just simply put the parts together, and they will snap to each other like a pair of magnets. Each vehicle consist of 2 to 3 parts, so the assembly isn’t really complicated at all as well.

You can also see a mini-map on the workshop platform itself, just so you wouldn’t miss the action on the battlefield while you are busy jointing the parts for the vehicles.

The basic yet fun and innovative mechanics has helped the title net 2 awards at Taipei Digital 2017 event

For my demo, I put on the Oculus Rift headset that the developer provided. As soon as the demo starts, I find myself spending much of my time exploring and experimenting the various ways of combining the parts together. The game really encourages you to get creative here, and its really fun when you successfully conjure one working vehicle and toss them into the battlefield. The game still needs polishing though, as the snapping mechanics doesn’t really well (yet). At times when I tried to combine 2 pieces that are suppose to work together, the snap doesn’t work. I have to try a couple of times before they comes together. I have feedback this issue, and the developer says that he has taken note of it and promises to fix it by launch.

Here’s a video recording of an attendee trying his hand on the demo. A playable demo of this can also be downloaded on the official website of the game as well if you wishes to try it too.

Combine War Toys will be releasing somewhere this year on Steam, and will support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Unfortunately due to Sony’s restrictions with the development policy with the indies, the game won’t be showing up on the Playstation VR as a result. For more screenshots and videos from the developer, head over to the developer’s official site.

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