Trailer for “AR Kanojo”

Last year, Japanese-based adult video game company released a VR adult game “VR Kanojo” (link is NSFW) on HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus Rift, that serves as a adult, semi-parody title of Bandai Namco‘s “Summer Lesson” for the Playstation VR. In VR Kanojo, you are tasked to be the tutor of a Japanese school girl and teach her on schoolworks. The interaction soon gets hot and the game concludes in some adult actions with the female protagonist.

After the release of VR Kanojo, the company went on to create a division that focuses on creating more immersive-based adult video games. Today, the division (known as Illusion VR)  showcased a video of “AR Kanojo”. As the title implies, this is an AR version of VR Kanojo, and features the same girl as well. Check out the video below:

As the video implies, this title will allow you to conjure your virtual girlfriend in AR form. This title will of course be available for download and use only on smartphone, and in this application, you can go on a virtual date with the female schoolgirl. While the video doesn’t depict any adult content, it is not know if any will be presented in the full release.

Illusion-VR has other plans beside this title too, such as “VR Kanojo Summer Vacation” which allows you to experience a date with your virtual girlfriend in a tropical weather, as well as “VR Kareshi” (translate as VR Boyfriend) for the female audience, scheduled for release this year. VR Kareshi will be deployed on smartphone, while VR Kanojo Summer Vacation will be released on Steam.

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