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“Naked Sun” VR Coming to Steam in April 2018!

DoorZ VR Studio has just announced recently that their upcoming fast-paced futuristic VR shooter title Naked Sun will be coming to Steam in April 2018!

In this title, player assume the role of a human-friendly, 6th generation android by the name of “Adam”. Humans has taken up a battle against evil AI, but they are losing , as cities are taken and Earth ozone layer is destroyed. People are now slowly dying of sun radiation, and now the fate of humankind depends on you. Your mission is to ‘intercept a cargo train going into the global capital, Mexico city, and ride it deep inside enemy territory. After city defenses are down, the ultimate battle of human survival will begin.’.

Naked Sun features a field of action around 180 degrees, and can be played in both standing and seat position. There will be various difficulty settings to appeal to both VR novices as well as experienced VR players. In addition, there are destructible environment, which create interesting opportunities for variable tactical play. There are also a variety of weapon types, special character abilities as you take on a range of enemies, including tiny drones and gigantic airships.

Look out for this title when it is released on Steam! Naked Sun is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.