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Concept Arts for “The Invisible Hours VR” (Sarah Bernhardt, Flora White, Thomas Edison)

Tequila Works‘ unique VR title “The Invisible Hours VR” has been released on Steam and PS Store for multiple headsets, but that doesn’t mean things can just stop there. If you are still on the fence, this is a great murder mystery VR adventure passive VR game/experience, surrounding the mysterious death of Nikola Tesla.

In this title, 7 different individuals has gathered at Nikola Tesla’s isolated mansion, but the story starts with Nikola Tesla already dead. Disgraced swedish detective Gustaf Gustav takes it upon himself to find the killer among the other guests. The VR user assume the role of an invisible viewer, who can travel around in the mansion. The story plays out in every part of the mansion, as the characters interact when they cross path with each other. The viewer will find themselves replaying and navigating to various parts of the mansion to view the story in order to get the full context.

The twitter account of this title has some concept arts for 3 of the characters (at the moment). Check them out below.