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“Ganbatte VR” Dev Blog Discuss AI Behavior Roadmap

Mimicry is still slogging on their upcoming VR game “Ganbatte” for us, and to keep us updated on their development status, they have been documenting their progressing on their dev blog. This blog is rather helpful, as it provide us insight about the development of video game as well.

The latest entry of the blog talks about the AI behavior roadmap of Ganbatte. Mimicry is implementing bots to replace the vacancy of the slots if there isn’t enough online player available. Ganbatte is a ‘competitive social game’, so the AI must be capable of playing the game in a similar fashion to a human opponent, not to mention interaction wit each other.

The developer has provided a brief behaviour of the roadmap for the AI, and among the interactions we can see some of the actions include eating, looking at object, high fiving player, expressing emotions, waving at player, expressing hand choreography and even taunting.

At the moment, our bots are not only able to play according to a specific strategy (a heuristic function for the AI enthusiasts out there) but also able to perform and mimic different types of social interactions with more to come. Our objective is to get a solid AI base that we can improve on, and I think we’re almost there.

Ganbatte is set to go online on Steam this coming Spring, and features cats, sushi and space. Your objective is to eat as much valuable sushi as possible to get the highest score. The game will be releasing on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.