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“Kartong – Death by Cardboard” Will Support Non-VR PC Feature When It Exits Early Access In April 4th!

According to a new announcement on Steam, Kartong – Death by Cardboard by SVRVIVE Studios will be available for PC, and VR support will turn from mandatory to optional, when it launches in full fledged release on April 4th 2018.

“Our motto at SVRVIVE Studios has always been ‘Immersive Read the rest

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VR Dungeon Crawler “When Wardens Fall” Announced for HTC Vive, Trailer

VR Dungeon crawler video game “When Wardens Fall” has just been announced formally for the HTC Vive, and is scheduled for release in Summer 2018.

Developed by a newly established indie studio Peernet Games, this game is about escaping a demonic prison, populated by corrupted Wardens. … Read the rest

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Samurai Slasher VR “OniBushi VR” Announced for Steam, 11st April Launch

A new VR video game ‘OniBushi VR‘ has been confirmed for Steam release, and will be releasing on 11st April 2018 by its creator CentVire, under the Early Access banner.

Seemingly an attempt to blend the motion slashing fittingly into the game world, this will be a … Read the rest

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“IronWolf VR” Early Access Surface Combat Update in Beta Branch, Video

Early access VR simulation title “IronWolf” has a new update available in beta branch now, featuring surface combat features.

IronWolf is a roomscale submarine game featuring both single and online co-op with motion control. This game from Ionized Studios is available on Steam right now, with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift … Read the rest

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New Video for “Beat Saber” Feature Full Gameplay of ‘Legend ft. Backchat’ Soundtrack

The upcoming VR rhythm title “Beat Saber” (from Hyperbolic Magnetism) sees its 3rd tune released. This time, the title of the video is Jaroslav Beck & Generdyn – Legend ft. Backchat. Check out the gameplay video of the songs below.

The previously revealed soundtrack for this game … Read the rest

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“The Road to Hades” Is a Newly Revealed Asian Horror VR Game Coming to Steam

There’s an upcoming VR horror VR title revealed recently. Titled “The Road to Hades”, this game is under development by Korean indie solo developer Kim Sang Won, aka AUTOSAVE GAMES.

In this Asian horror VR game, your role is to escort a dead girl safely to whatever her destination … Read the rest