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Arcade Flight Game “Project Wingman” Demo Will Be At GDC 2018 (With VR Mode)

There’s an arcade flight game currently under the development with the working title “Project Wingman“, and its developer RB-D2 has announced that he will be bringing its demo to Game Developer Conference, set to occur later this month. Interestingly, the demo will have experimental VR mode, so perhaps the receptions to the showing will be used for gauging the feasibility if VR implementation is worth the effort.

At the moment, a demo version 0.3.5 is available for download on the web site. If you wish to provide something as appreciation or motivation to keep the developer going, he is also accepting donation as well.

The demo will be available at the Simul Booth, and Simul is the creator of trueSKY, the award-winning real-time weather renderer.  If you are heading down, do consider passing by the booth and go for a spin.

A kickstarter campaign will also be coming soon as well. It seems the VR mode is not confirmed yet, so hopefully we will get some good news.

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