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“Neverbound VR” Is Coming to HTC Vive via Steam Early Access This Month

A sci-fi action VR game “Neverbound VR” is releasing on Steam early access for HTC Vive later this month. This title will eventually make its way to more headsets eventually, such as Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, PC and PSVR.

NeverBound is the gravity-shifting shooter that brings you mind-bending combat and puzzles in multi-gravity environments. You are as dangerous from below as you are from above. The rules have changed. High ground is relative.

This game is developed by Enthusiast Games, and over the EA period, it will have PvP multiplayer with several modes and maps, a single player mission, and our Blitz game mode playable as single-player or co-op.

Check out the Steam Page for more info.