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Steam & Oculus New Release: VRFC

VRFC is now available on PC for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift today, and players can purchase it on the Steam Page and Oculus Store when it launch!

Developed by Cherry Pop Games, this title is currently in Early Access on Steam, with a 30% price tag off. VRFC lets you play soccer via motion controllers. If you are wheelchair bound or can’t use your legs anymore, this is probably the closest you can get to experience playing soccer.

Take to the turf in VRFC, the world’s only first-person VR football game. Whether you struggle to hit a cow’s backside with a banjo, or your idea of dribbling is something babies do, none of that matters – now you can become a footballing legend in your own living room.

Just like the real world encounter part, this title involves playing in a team. The developer know finding players for online matches can be an issue in VR, so they are trying to rectifying it with AI bots and cross-platform plays including the PSVR!

If you are interested, head on to the following purchase link: