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MirageSoft Releases a Video for “Project VR Fishing” (tentative title), Coming to Mobile/Standalone/PC VR

MirageSoft has recently shared a short gameplay video of an unannounced VR fishing game (under a tentative title of “Project VR Fishing“) on youtube. Take a look at the video below:

MirageSoft has said that it will be coming to Mobile VR, Standalone VR, Oculus Rift and HTC … Read the rest

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Yomuneco To Announce New Game at Japan VR Fest 2018

On January 13rd and 14th, there is going to be a “Japan VR Fest” meet up event involving VR developers in Japan, and it will be held in Ginza Phoenix Tower.

Various developers are set to showcase their VR projects, and Japanese development studio Yomuneco has announced that they will … Read the rest

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“Hidden Fortune: Unexplored” Coming to Vive Focus in 2018

Yesterday at Vive Developer Conference 2017, help in China Beijing, HTC pulled off the veil (not literally) and revealed to us the first look at their upcoming standalone VR headset: Vive Focus.

Hidden Fortune: Unexplored was also announced yesterday, serving as a demo for Vive Focus. Archiact VR Games announcedRead the rest