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MirageSoft Releases a Video for “Project VR Fishing” (tentative title), Coming to Mobile/Standalone/PC VR

MirageSoft has recently shared a short gameplay video of an unannounced VR fishing game (under a tentative title of “Project VR Fishing“) on youtube. Take a look at the video below:

MirageSoft has said that it will be coming to Mobile VR, Standalone VR, Oculus Rift and HTC … Read the rest

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Coatsink’s Formal Announcement of “They Suspect Nothing” for Oculus Go

A while ago it was announced that a new game by the title “They Suspect Nothing” is coming to Oculus Go. Coatsink has just issued a formal press release article on the game.

As announced, this is a collection of mini-games that is taking place in a robot … Read the rest

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“Catan VR”, “Anshar Online”, “They Suspect Nothing”, “Job Simulator” Announced for Oculus Go

Oculus’ standalone VR headset “Oculus Go” will be releasing very soon, and things are coming together, as several titles has been announced for it during GDC.

Catan VR, Anshar Online, Vacation Simulator and They Suspect Nothing will be coming to Oculus Go, according to announcement. They will be releasing … Read the rest