Steam New Release: Space Fist

Space Fist is a first person boxing VR title with an interesting twist that’s developed by WING VR.

Set in the year 2060, the Earth federal government has created Space Fist to select powerful individuals to eliminate and exterminate evil threats. Unfortunately, your sister’s consciousness was trapped in the … Read the rest

Steam New Release: Knockout League

Today’s VR release on Steam is an arcade-style boxing game titled “Knockout League” from Los Angeles based game developer Grab Games.

Knockout League features an intuitive gameplay that requires you to move your body, which will translate 1:1 to the movement inside the game. You will have to think on … Read the rest

Steam New Release: Heavy Impact

First person robot boxing title “Heavy Impact” is now up on Steam! This game thrust the player into the ring as a battle robot, and the objective is to deliver massive blows to the opposing bots to defeat them, while dodging their punches.

This game is set in a post … Read the rest

Steam New Release: Kunlun Fight VR

Kunlun VR is a new VR boxing title from c, that has just been released on Steam.

Kunlun Fight is a Chinese kickboxing promotion that debuts in 2014 by Kunsun Media, which makes this game the official game for the kickboxing promotions. You will be fighting against martial art masters … Read the rest